Navigation on the English support site is meant to be reasonably intuitive.  You enter the site by selecting a language flag.  You can change language on any page, but some pages are only available in English. 

You can select an information topic (like The Company or Teaching) on the right and if you leave the mouse in the same position on the page, you can click through the pages for that topic, coming back to Home at the end.

Alternatively you can explore the entire site by starting on the first page for one of the languages and simply clicking on the More… button all the way through.

If you want a particular page, you can click on SITE MAP at the bottom of any page, and then on the link you want.  But you will also find short-cut links to other relevant pages, if you run your mouse over the text on a page.  There are also pages of relevant external links, notably the long list of Other useful links.

Back issues of News & Tips can now be downloaded and there is also an Index of topics so you can find what you need.  But if you can't – well, you could always try using one of those RED buttons...



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