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Useful links for language professionals

Dictionaries and encyclopedias

Aarhus School
of Business (1)
Danish-English dictionary of accounting
Aarhus School
of Business (2)
Danish-English dictionary of CISG law
(Convention on International Sale of Goods)
AbbreviationZ The A to Z of Acronyms & Abbreviations on the Net
Acronym Finder Find out what those acronyms and abbreviations stand for...
AllWords English dictionary with multi-lingual search
Babylon Dictionaries Free online translation service, including full text translation. Just type any word or phrase you want to translate into the search box and click "Translate". You will get results from a database of several hundred dictionaries.
BioTech Life Science dictionary plus other links
British National Corpus The BNC is a 100-million-word database of spoken and written British English
Glossary of terms from the construction industry
Cambridge Online Excellent learner dictionaries
CancerWeb OnLine Medical Dictionary
Collins The Collins Wordbank's Online English corpus
Dict.org Online Dictionary of American English
Encarta Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Atlas
Erhvervssprog Online Internet portal for business language and communication
EuroDicAutom Multilingual term bank of the European Commission
Farlex Excellent on-line American English dictionary including many technical terms
fibre2fashion Trade terms for textiles, clothing and fashion
FOLDOC Free OnLine Dictionary Of Computing
HISTORY Historical and Maritime resources including articles, links and, of course, dictionaries:
Danish-English and English-Danish
HUNTING Hunting and shooting terms:
Danish-English and English-Danish
Hyperdictionary English dictionary and thesaurus, plus Computing and Medical dictionaries
iTools Language Tools – Look up words or translate them
IT University of Copenhagen Short list of programming terms, English-Danish and Danish-English
Jeremy Smith American-British, British-American dictionary
Korpus 2000 DSL's 50-million-word database of spoken and written Danish
Longman Online The free on-line Longman dictionary of contemporary British English
MARITIME Historical and Maritime resources including articles, links and, of course, dictionaries:
Danish-English and English-Danish
Medical Database Database of medical terms
Medical Dictionary Free medical dictionary online
Medicine Net Free MedTerms Medical Dictionary
Medios Consulting English–Hungarian, Hungarian–English on-line dictionary
MedlinePlus US medical encyclopedia
Meriam-Webster Online Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
MTDesk Medical/Surgical terminology
Newbury House Dictionary of American English
Nordisk Skolenet Scandinavian dictionary:
OneLook Online access to 993 dictionaries
A collection of online dictionaries in various languages
Ordbogen.com Comprehensive Danish-English, English-Danish dictionary
Free for two words per day. 12 months' unlimited use: DKK 99.
Oxford Online Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
Sean Treadway Danish-English cross-referenced dictionary
Webster Webster's Online Dictionary
Whatis.com Comprehensive IT encyclopedia
Wikipedia Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit
Xanadu Free multilingual translation (Access more than 265 online dictionaries for 73 languages)
YourDictionary Combination reference tool and multilingual dictionaries

English coaching in Denmark

SP Consult Native-speaker coaching for Danish executives / families moving abroad

English grammar help

EduFind Online English Grammar
(UK English)
Grammar Guide Guide to Grammar and Writing
(US English)
Jack Lynch Guide to Grammar and Style
– an American approach

English language schools in the UK

in Britain
Direct access to the best British education information resources...
EduFind Educational Resources
in Britain
English Language Courses in Britain

German teaching in Denmark

UB Language Consult Native-speaker teacher based in Lolland

Learn languages on holiday

LISA! Sprogrejser Languages covered: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish

News Archives

Guardian Unlimited Free access to news stories from the Guardian and the Observer
IntTraNet International News Portal for Translators and Interpreters
IntTraNews Access to the Inttranews Archives is now possible, free of charge

On-line courses and teaching materials

English Club A site to help you learn English or teach English as a second language

Roskilde, Denmark

Business Forum The Roskilde Business Network
Roskilde Portal Information on Roskilde and the region
Roskilde Tourist Bureau Welcome to destination Roskilde

Russian teaching in Denmark

UniRus Native-speaker teachers based in Roskilde

Assistance for Ex-pats in Denmark

ODDMANIN Helps people with non-standard abilities and qualifications find employment opportunities in Denmark.
WORKTROTTER Helps well-educated expats to settle faster, effectively use their abilities and qualifications, and better understand Denmark and the Danes.

Search engines, directories and portals

All the web Possibly the best of them all
Google Possibly the most popular of them all
Jubii A favourite in Denmark
OyMap.com Denmark at OyMap.com – a world directory
Search.com A metasearch search engine
Webcrawler The web's top search engines spun together
Yahoo! Another favourite American search engine

Small business assistance

ABSI Advanced Barter System – a form of business with a range of advantages for small and medium-sized companies
Dansk Network Dansk Network – a network for self-employed, new businesses, freelancers, and small companies. Come as a guest – free.
ErhvervsSparring A network for new small businesses: offering experienced sparring partners
EveryBody ApS Help and advice with the most ergonomic office chair ever!
Lundbech & Rasmussen A consultancy for small businesses: start up, marketing, keeping accounts, legal aspects, etc.
Optimax A management consultancy offering down-to-earth solutions that work
Start & Growth 100 answers on being a business owner in Denmark
Start in Business A useful place to start for explanations on all aspects of starting up in business in the UK
Telehandelshus Telemarketing solutions for the business community in Denmark

Spanish language schools in Spain and LA

Enforex Learn Spanish in Latin America. Spanish courses offered all year round in different destinations.

Style Guides for English

Economist This guide is based on the style book given to journalists at The Economist.
European Commission Style Guide for English
– a pdf-file you can download
Jack Lynch Guide to Grammar and Style
– an American approach

Translation software and aids

Babylon One-click translation software with results from over 1,300 dictionary and translation sources in more than 75 languages
WebWord WebWordSystem is a user-friendly translation tool giving you high and uniform quality in your translations.
WordFast Wordfast is a lightweight CAT tool designed to meet the specific needs of the individual translator and translation workgroups.


EM Faktura Electronic invoicing portal for small businesses dealing with public bodies
YouSendIt Use this when you have really large files (maximum 1 GB) to send

VAT validation

European Commission Check the validity of a VAT number issued by any Member State
VIRK.DK Find the VAT number, name and address of any Danish company



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