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Index of subjects and keywords

A (or an) and one: No.56
A few: No.27, No.33, No.55
A little: No.27, No.33, No.55
A quite vs. quite a: No.53, No.55
A very few: No.55
A- (the prefix): No.43
Ab- (the prefix): No.43
Abbreviations: No.13, No.29, No.31, No.36, No.51
Able and capable: No.23, No.54
About: No.20, No.31
Above-mentioned: No.7
"Academy Profession": No.19
Accents and apostrophes: No.9
Accomplish: No.57
Accomplished: No.57
Accomplishment: No.57
Accordance with and according to: No.20
According to and in accordance with: No.20
Accuse, charge and criticise: No.23
Aches and pains: No.51
Achieve: No.46
Active vs. passive: No.36
Adapt and adopt: No.36
Adjectives followed by infinitives or gerunds: No.26, No.54
Adjectives (not adverbs): No.40
Adjectives (position): No.32
Admit: No.25, No.54
Adopt and adapt: No.36
Ads, adverts and advertisements: No.9
Adverbials (word order): No.7, No.57
Adverbs (not adjectives): No.22, No.28, No.40
Advice: No.4, No.37
Advise: No.25, No.37
Advocate (verb): No.57
Aerobics: No.5, No.32
Affect: No.44
Afraid: No.26
Agreement (verbs): No.1, No.4, No.5, No.10, No.11, No.13,
      No.25, No.26, No.45
Aim at: No.47
All: No.27
All of: No.45
Allow: No.25, No.54
Almost and nearly: No.57
Although: No.48
Ameliorate: No.55
American English: No.3, No.4, No.7, No.9, No.10, No.19, No.21,
      No.28, No.29, No.43, No.45, No.56
Among and between: No.38
Amount of: No.26, No.48
And: No.29
Anticipate: No.25
Antonyms: No.43
Any or some: No.27
Anybody/Anyone: No.4
Anything: No.27
Apologies: No.44
Apologise: No.44
Apology: No.44
Appreciate: No.18, No.23, No.27
Approve of: No.25
Arms: No.47
Arrive at: No.46, No.47
Articles: No.28, No.56, No.58, No.59
As: No.39
As ... as: No.39
As at: No.39
As from: No.39
As if: No.39
As of: No.39
As per: No.39
As though: No.39, No.48
As well as: No.5, No.21, No.39
Ashamed: No.32
Assure, ensure and secure: No.56
At: No.41, No.47
At the moment: No.30, No.55
Athens: No.5, No.50
Athletics: No.5, No.28, No.32
Attain: No.46
Attempt: No.25
Authorised: No.13, No.19, No.20, No.21
Auto replies: No.10
Avoid: No.25
Aware, awareness: No.17
Back-up: No.38, No.56
Bacteria: No.52
Bare infinitive: No.54
Barely: No.33
Be and get: No.29
Bear (can't): No.25
Because: No.39
Bed and breakfast: No.5
Begin: No.25, No.54
Below-mentioned: No.7
Between and among: No.38
Big, large, great: No.48
Bilingual: No.12,
Billions and millions: No.58, No.59
Branch, industry, sector: No.45
Bread: No.4
Brief and briefly: No.25
Bring about: No.44
Bring and take: No.43
British English: No.3, No.7, No.10, No.19, No.20, No.21, No.28,
      No.29, No.45, No.56
Broadcast: No.44
Buenos Aires: No.5
Business letters: No.21, No.31, No.51
Buy and sell: No.43
By and with: No.53
Cafeteria: No.52
Can't bear: No.25
Can't help: No.25
Capable and able: No.23
Capital letters: No.9, No.10, No.16, No.21, No.23, No.53
Care and caution: No.50
Career and carrier: No.57
Careful and cautious: No.50
Carrier and career: No.57
Carry on: No.25
Catch: No.46
Caution and care: No.50
Cautious and careful: No.50
Cease: No.25
Certified: No.3, No.13, No.21
Challenge: No.49, No.50, No.55
Chancellor of the Exchequer: No.50, No.52
Charge, criticise and accuse: No.23
Check or inspect and control: No.20
Choice and decision: No.35, No.38
Christmas: No.2, No.14, No.26, No.38, No.49, No.50
City or town: No.52
Claus Bentsen: No.40, No.41
Clean and clear: No.18
Clear, evident and obvious: No.49
Clothes: No.4, No.50
Collaborate: No.1
Collaboration and co-operation: No.1
Collective nouns: No.4, No.5, No.11, No.50
Colons: No.8
Come and go: No.43, No.47
Commas: No.8, No.21, No.27, No.29, No.45
Communication: No.36
Competence, competency, competent: No.1, No.29
Complement and compliment: No.53
Compound words: No.28, No.34, No.39
Compound concepts (noun + noun): No.28, No.39
Comprehensible and comprehensive: No.55
Comprehensive and comprehensible: No.55
Comprise and consist: No.45
Concerning: No.20, No.31
Conclusively and in conclusion: No.49
Connotation: No.59
Confess to: No.25, No.54
Consequent and consistent: No.45
Consider: No.25
Consist and comprise: No.45
Consistent and consequent: No.45
Consonants: No.29
Constant and constantly: No.58
Contemplate: No.25
Content and contents: No.28
Continue: No.25, No.54
Continual and continuous: No.58
Continuous and continual: No.58
Continuous or simple? (verb tenses): No.6
Contrary: No.35
Contrast (with/to): No.35
Control and check or inspect: No.20
Co-operate: No.1
Co-operation and collaboration: No.1
Co-operation and corporation: No.27
Corporation and co-operation: No.27
Costumers and customers: No.7
Count on: No.25
Countables: No.11, No.12, No.15, No.26, No.27, No.28, No.32,
      No.33, No.45, No.48, No.49, No.50
Couple of: No.27
Credentials: No.50
Criteria: No.52
Criticise, accuse and charge: No.23
Customers and costumers: No.7
Daily and everyday: No.34
Dairies and diaries: No.9
Danes and Danish: No.52
"Danglish" [aka. "denglish"]: No.2, No.7, No.8, No.10, No.12,
      No.13, No.14, No.16, No.19, No.20, No.21, No.23, No.30,
Danish and Danes: No.52
Dansk Translatørforbund: No.12, No.13, No.19, No.20, No.21,
      No.31, No.38, No.39, No.41
Dashes and hyphens: No.9
Data is/Data are: No.13, No.28
Dates: No.21
Days of the week: No.9, No.21
Decide: No.54
Decimal point: No.8
Decision: No.35, No.38
Dee Shields: No.12, No.13, No.14, No.19, No.20, No.21, No.23,
      No.31, No.38, No.39, No.41
Defer: No.25
Definite article (the): No.28, No.56, No.58, No.59
Delay: No.25
Demand and require: No.58
Demanding: No.58
Demands and requirements: No.58, No.59
"Denglish" [aka. "danglish"]: No.2, No.7, No.8, No.10, No.12,
      No.13, No.14, No.16, No.19, No.20, No.21, No.23, No.30,
Deny: No.25
Depend (on): No.25, No.34
Dependant and dependent: No.34
Dependent and depending: No.34
Dependent on: No.41
Depending and dependent: No.34
Despite and in spite of: No.48
Detest: No.25
Device: No.37
Devise: No.37
Diaries and dairies: No.9
Differences: No.38
Different and various: No.20
Different from: No.20, No.39
Difficult: No.26
Dis- (the prefix): No.43
Disease: No.51, No.52
Dislike: No.25
Distant and far: No.27
Diverge: No.30
Divert: No.30
Divide, separate and part: No.19, No.38, No.49
Do: No.54
Do and make: No.50
Document/Documentation that: No.12
Dominant and dominating: No.58
Dominate: No.58
Dramatic and drastic: No.59
Drastic: No.59
Dread: No.25
Each and every: No.45
Earnings: No.50
Easter: No.53
Ecological and organic: No.5 (under Feedback)
Economic and economical: No.28
Economics: No.5, No.28, No.32, No.50
Economy and economies: No.32
Educate: No.27
Education: No.19, No.33, No.50
Effect: No.44
Effective vs. efficient: No.55
Effectivity and efficiency: No.55
Efficiency and effectivity: No.55
Efficient vs. effective: No.55
E-mails: No.10, No.51
Emergency (in case of): No.19
Emphasis and focus: No.55
Endure: No.25
Engineer: No.37
Enjoy: No.25
Enquiries and inquiries: No.10
Ensure, assure and secure: No.56
"Environmental friendly": No.22, No.28, No.40
Escape: No.25
Especially and particularly: No.57
Etc.: No.45
Et al.: No.51
Ethics: No.5, No.32, No.50
Even though: No.48
Every and each: No.45
Everybody/Everyone: No.4
Everyday and daily: No.34
Everyone/Everybody: No.4
Everything: No.27
Evident, obvious and clear: No.49
Evidently and obviously: No.49
Exciting and excited: No.9
Exciting and exiting: No.9
Excuse: No.25
Experience(s): No.15
Extend and extent: No.22, No.26
Face: No.25
Fail (to do): No.21, No.22
Far and distant: No.27
Farther and further: No.47
Farthest and furthest: No.47
Feel (great): No.40
Feelings: No.48
Few, a few: No.27, No.33, No.55
Few of: No.45
Fewer and less: No.33
Finance and financial: No.32
Find and think: No.41
Find out and work out: No.41
Finish: No.25
First-person phobia: No.36
Fish and chips: No.5
Fluent and fluid: No.9
Focus and emphasis: No.55
Focus on: No.25
Focus, questions of: No.1, No.4, No.5, No.6, No.11, No.15,
      No.16, No.17, No.33, No.43, No.45, No.50
Follow with: No.20
Fond: No.26
For the time being: No.30, No.55
Forbid: No.25
Forecast: No.46
Forget: No.25
Forgive: No.25
Frame and framework: No.22
Full stops: No.8
Funny and fun: No.9
Furniture: No.4
Further and farther: No.47
Further and furthermore: No.47
Furthest and farthest: No.47
Future forms: No.1, No.34, No.35
Gerund (ING-form): No.7, No.21, No.23, No.24, No.25, No.26,
      No.34, No.48, No.54
Get and be: No.29
Get and have: No.29
Get away with: No.25
Get over: No.25
Get to: No.47
Give and take: No.43
Go and come: No.43
Go on: No.24, No.25
God and good: No.14
Going to: No.34
Good: No.26, No.54
Good and well: No.13
Got and gotten: No.29
Grammar vs. meaning: No.1, No.4, No.25
Great, big, large: No.48
Greatly and largely: No.48
Greek: No.43, No.52
Group nouns: No.4, No.5, No.11, No.50
Gymnastics: No.50
Half of: No.45
Hardly: No.33
Hate: No.25
Have and get: No.29
Have, hold or possess: No.16
Have to: No.54
He or she (they): No.27
Health and sickness: No.51
Help: No.54
Help (can't): No.25
Hereafter: No.31
Hereby: No.31
Herewith: No.31
Him or her (them): No.27
Himself or herself (themselves): No.27
His or her (their): No.27
History and story: No.47
Hold, have or possess: No.16
Holiday and holidays: No.10
How is it like? No.13
HTML-codes: No.8, No.9
Humour and mood: No.47
Hundred(s): No.44
Hyphenation: No.28, No.34
Hyphens: No.9, No.28, No.34, No.39
Identifying relative clauses: No.8, No.11, No.27
Ignore and neglect: No.35
Ill-: No.51
Ill and sick: No.51
Illness: No.51, No.52
Ills: No.51
Imagine: No.25
Implied clauses: No.48
Imply and infer: No.43
Improve: No.55
In: No.40, No.41
In accordance with and according to: No.20
In conclusion and conclusively: No.49
In particular: No.57
In spite of and despite: No.48
In the case that: No.13
In- (the prefix): No.43
Indefinite article: No.56
Independent of: No.41
Industry, branch, sector: No.45
Infer and imply: No.43
Infinitive and gerund: No.25, No.26, No.34, No.54
Infinitive without to: No.54
Inform/Tell: No.1, No.18, No.54
Informant: No.54
Information: No.32
Informer: No.54
ING-form (gerund): No.7, No.21, No.23, No.24, No.25, No.26,
      No.34, No.48, No.54
Injury: No.51
Inquiries and enquiries: No.10
Insist on: No.25
Inspect or check and control: No.20
Insulate or isolate: No.36
Intend: No.25
Intention: No.34
Interactions: No.38
Interested: No.26
Inversion: No.39
Involve: No.25
-ise or -ize? No.3
Isolate or insulate: No.36
Job titles: No.9
Just and only: No.39
Just as: No.39
Keep: No.25
Kind(s) of: No.11
Kindly: No.24
Know: No.54
Knowledge: No.32
Lack/Lag: No.16
Language Support Centre: No.53, No.54, No.55, No.56
Language Support Centre Version 2.0: No.57, No.58, No.59
Language protectionism: No.51, No.52
Large, big, great: No.48
Largely and greatly: No.48
Last and recent: No.30
Last years, days, etc.: No.30
Latin: No.13, No.20, No.31, No.43, No.45, No.51, No.52
Law on language: No.51, No.52
Learn and teach: No.43
Less and fewer: No.33
Let: No.54
Liberty (take): No.24
Licence: No.37
License: No.37
Light rail: No.36
Like: No.13, No.39
"Like for an example": No.13
Likely: No.34
Live and stay: No.57
Little, a little: No.27, No.33, No.55
Loathe: No.25
Local authority: No.52
Look at: No.47
Look forward to: No.7, No.25
Looking (good/well): No.40
Loose and lose: No.19
Lord Mayor: No.52
Los Angeles: No.5
Love: No.25
Machinery Directive: No.54
Made and maid: No.32
Majority of: No.45, No.49
Make and do: No.50
Make and take decisions: No.35
Make do: No.50
Make (to do): No.54
Many and several: No.44
Marigolds: No.32
Mathematics: No.5, No.28, No.32
MDTNyt: No.19, No.20, No.21, No.31, No.38, No.41
Mean: No.25
Meaning vs. grammar: No.1, No.4, No.8
Mette Aarslew: No.20, No.21, No.22, No.31, No.39, No.41
Mention: No.25
Million(s): No.44
Millions and billions: No.58, No.59
Mind: No.25
Minimally invasive treatment: No.40
Minority of: No.45
Miss (doing): No.21, No.22, No.25
Modal verbs: No.37, No.54
Money: No.4, No.8, No.20, No.50
Months of the year: No.9
Mood and humour: No.47
More and several: No.20
More or less / fewer: No.33
More than one: No.25
Most and mostly: No.48
Most of: No.49
Mother tongue: No.19
Motion (verbs of): No.47
Much: No.27
Municipality: No.52
Muzzle or snout: No.42
Native speakers: No.19
Neanderthals: No.36
Nearest subject: No.5
Nearly and almost: No.57
Need, needs, needn't: No.37
Neglect and ignore: No.35
Neither ... nor: No.5, No.51
Netherlands: No.5
Network: No.34
News: No.4, No.50
Nobody / no one: No.4, No.25
Non- (the prefix): No.43
Non-finite clauses: No.25
None: No.27
None and not one: No.25
None other: No.25
None the: No.25
None too: No.25
Nordic: No.52
Not ... nor: No.51
Not only ... but also: No.5
Not ... or: No.51
Nothing: No.27
Notice and Note: No.20
Number of: No.1, No.4, No.26, No.38, No.45
Numbers: No.8, No.48
(Numbers) of: No.44
Object to: No.25, No.54
Objectivity: No.31, No.44
Oblige and obligate: No.53
Obligate (adjective): No.53
Obtain: No.46
Obvious, clear and evident: No.49
Obviously and evidently: No.49
Of: No.44, No.45
On: No.40, No.41
One or a(n)? No.56
One word or two? No.39
Only: No.27, No.39, No.55
"Only few": No.55
Opinion: No.16
Opportunities: No.15
Opposites: No.43
Options: No.15
Order and sequence: No.33
Organic and ecological: No.5 (under Feedback)
Outskirts: No.50
Pains: No.51
Pair of: No.4
'Pair' words: No.4
Pardon: No.25
Parenthetical relative clauses: No.8, No.11, No.27
Part/divide: No.19
Part of: No.12
Participate, participation, participant: No.32
Particles: No.25
Particular and special: No.57
Particularly and especially: No.57
Passive forms: No.31, No.34, No.36, No.54
Passport control: No.20
Past participles: No.48
Past tense vs. Present Perfect: No.17, No.31
Past tense (pronunciation): No.27
People: No.4, No.6, No.11
Perform: No.32
Permit (noun): No.16
Permit (verb): No.25
Person, persons and people: No.6
Phobia, first-person: No.36
Phonemic Chart: No.27, No.29
Phonetics: No.27, No.29
Phrasal verbs: No.24, No.25, No.32, No.47, No.54
Physics: No.5, No.28, No.32
Plural or singular: No.1, No.4, No.5, No.10, No.11, No.13, No.25,
      No.26, No.50
Plural uncountables: No.50
Plural words: No.4, No.50
Plurals of abbreviations: No.36
Police: No.4, No.32, No.50
Policy: No.32
Politics: No.5, No.28, No.32, No.50
Possess, have or holds: No.16
Possibilities: No.15
Postpone: No.25
Practice: No.37
Practise: No.25, No.37
Predict: No.46
Prefer: No.25
Prefixes: No.28, No.43
Prepositional objects: No.44, No.54
Prepositions: No.7, No.15, No.18, No.24, No.25, No.26, No.30,
      No.32, No.34, No.40, No.44, No.45, No.48, No.53, No.54
Present tense: No.6, No.31, No.34
Present Perfect vs. Past tense: No.17, No.31
Prevent: No.25
Price and prize: No.32
Principal and principle: No.34
Principle and principal: No.34
Probably and properly: No.27
Probity and property: No.59
Problems and challenges: No.55
Problems and threats: No.48
Professional and vocational: No.23, No.52
Program/Programme: No.19, No.44
Progress: No.4, No.50
Pronunciation: No.2, No.14, No.16, No.26, No.27, No.29, No.32,
      No.40, No.59
Properly and probably: No.27
Property and probity: No.59
Propose: No.25
Pull and push: No.43
Punctual and timely: No.8
Punctuation: No.8, No.9, No.29, No.45, No.51
Push and pull: No.43
Put off: No.25
Put up with: No.25
Questions of focus: No.1, No.4, No.5, No.6, No.11, No.15,
      No.16, No.17, No.33, No.45, No.50
Quiet and quite: No.53
Quite and quiet: No.53
Quite a vs. a quite: No.53, No.55
Range and span: No.59
Re: No.20, No.31
Reach: No.35, No.46
Reason is because: No.46
Reason why: No.46
Recall: No.25
Recent and last: No.30
Reciprocal verbs: No.43, No.44
Recollect: No.25
Rector and vice-chancellor: No.50
Redundancy: No.46
Regard and regards: No.49
Regarding: No.20, No.31, No.49
Regret: No.25
Relation and Relationship: No.26
Relative clauses: No.8, No.11, No.27
Relative pronouns: No.11, No.27
Rely on: No.25
Remain and stay: No.57
Remember: No.25
Replace and substitute: No.22, No.44
Require and demand: No.58
Requirements and demands: No.58, No.59
Resent: No.25
Resort to: No.25
Revert: No.7
Risk: No.25
Room and space: No.59
Safety and security: No.47
Same as: No.39
Satisfactory: No.37
Satisfying: No.37
Save: No.25
Scandinavian: No.52
Scarcely: No.33
School book campaign: No.14
Scientific writing: No.31, No.32, No.33, No.36, No.37, No.42, No.44
Seasons (names of): No.10
Secretary of State: No.52
Sector, branch, industry: No.45
Secure, assure and ensure: No.56
Security and safety: No.47
Sell and buy: No.43
Semi-colons and colons: No.8
Sentence stress: No.29
Sequence and order: No.33
Series: No.38
Series and serious: No.59
Serious and series: No.59
Several and many: No.44
Several and more: No.20
Several different: No.20
Shall: No.1, No.34
Shameful: No.32
Short and shortly: No.25
Sick and ill: No.51
Sick leave: No.51
Sickness and illness: No.51
Similar to: No.39
Simple or continuous? (verb tenses): No.6
Singular or plural: No.1, No.4, No.5, No.10, No.11, No.13, No.25,
      No.26, No.50
Singular words (that look plural): No.5
Small or little: No.33
Smell (good): No.40
Snout or muzzle: No.42
So-called: No.23
"Solving tasks": No.6
Some of: No.45
Some or any: No.27
Somebody/Someone: No.4
Something: No.27
Sorry: No.26
Sound (nice): No.40
Space and room: No.59
Span and range: No.59
Specialised or specialising? No.1
Spelling: No.2, No.7, No.9, No.14
Spend and use: No.20
Staff: No.4, No.5
Stand: No.25
Start: No.25
Start by: No.25
"State-authorised" No.3, No.12, No.13, No.19, No.20, No.21,
      No.31, No.38, No.41, No.52
State-registered: No.21
Statistics: No.28, No.32, No.50
Stay and live: No.57
Stay and remain: No.57
Stop: No.25
Story and history: No.47
Stress (in words and sentences): No.29, No.56
Student: No.37
Subject-Verb agreement: No.1, No.4, No.5, No.10, No.11,
      No.13, No.25, No.26
Subjunctive: No.14, No.29, No.39
Substitute and replace: No.22, No.44
Such as: No.39
Suggest: No.25
Summer holiday: No.10
Superlative: No.27
Sure: No.26
Surroundings: No.50
Synonyms: No.44
Take and bring: No.43
Take and give: No.43
Take and make decisions: No.35
Take the liberty of: No.24
Take liberties with: No.24
Taste (sweet): No.40
Teach and learn: No.43
Teaching: No.16, No.43
Technical English: No.31, No.32, No.33
Tell/Inform: No.1, No.18, No.54
Tenses: No.31
Terror: No.10
Thanks: No.50
That, which and who: No.11, No.27
That-clauses: No.25
The: No.28, No.58, No.59
Their (for his or her): No.27
Them (for him or her): No.27
Themselves (for himself or herself): No.27
They (for he or she): No.27
Think and find: No.41
Third person present and correct: No.4
Thousand separator: No.8
Thousand(s): No.44
Threats and problems: No.48
Time: No.20
Time being: No.30
Timeless forms of verb: No.35
Timely and punctual: No.8
Titles: No.9, No.21
To (preposition): No.54
To, too and two: No.17
To and towards: No.47
To whom it may concern: No.3
To-infinitive: No.54
To-infinitive without the infinitive: No.54
Tongue twisters: No.26
Too, as an intensifier: No.56
Too, meaning also: No.56
Too, two and to: No.17
Tosproget: No.12
Town or city: No.52
Training: No.19
Translatørforeningen: No.19, No.21, No.39, No.40, No.41
Travel: No.4
Try: No.11, No.25
Two, too and to: No.17
Udsagnskraft – a tricky word to translate: No.42
UK English: No.3, No.7, No.10, No.19, No.21, No.29, No.43
Un- (the prefix): No.43
Unclean: No.43
Uncountables: No.4, No.12, No.15, No.19, No.25, No.26, No.27,
      No.28, No.32, No.33, No.45, No.48, No.49, No.50, No.59
Uneasy: No.43
United States: No.5
Until: No.10
Untranslatable: No.12
Urgent: No.19
US English: No.3, No.4, No.7, No.9, No.10, No.19, No.20,
      No.21, No.28, No.29, No.43, No.45, No.56
Use and spend: No.20
Use, used and used to: No.19
Vacation: No.10
Varied and various: No.20
Variety of: No.20
Various and different: No.20
Various and varied: No.20
Verb (agreement with subject): No.1, No.4, No.5, No.10, No.11,
      No.13, No.25, No.26
Verb forms: No.1, No.4, No.6, No.17, No.25, No.29, No.35
Very few: No.55
Vice-chancellor and rector: No.50
Virus: No.52
Vision for 2005: No.3
Vision for 2006: No.15
Vision for 2007: No.27
Vision for 2008: No.39
Vision for 2009: No.50
Vision for 2010: No.57, No.58
Vocational and professional: No.23
Vowels: No.29
Ward (hospital): No.55
Way: No.27
Website: No.11
Welcome: No.26, No.33
Well and good: No.13
Well (as well as): No.5, No.21
Wellness: No.51
What and which: No.40
Where and were: No.14
Which and what: No.40
Which, who and that: No.11, No.27
While: No.39
Whit and with: No.14
Who, which and that: No.11, No.27
Whom? No.3
Will: No.1, No.34
Windmills and turbines: No.5 (under Feedback)
With and by: No.53
With and whit: No.14
With regard to: No.31
Within: No.18, No.29
Word order: No.7, No.57
Wordy phrases: No.6
Work out and find out: No.41
Xmas: No.2, No.14, No.26, No.38, No.49, No.50
You, you and You: No.31, No.32
Youth, youths and young people: No.6
Yule and Yuletide: No.14, No.26



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