Here are some more examples from the same series of books:
"Mr" written as "mr."
"Tuesday" written as "tuesday"
Completely unnatural English like "They have not a computer" and "Has Mrs Johnson two boys?"
Pictures of clocks with the caption "Look at the watches"
The word "persons" (instead of the more usual "people") put into the mouths of children
Grammatically absurd sentences like "These is my feet" and "These is my hands"
In one of the books, children are given instructions on how to draw the British flag which result in the standard caricature where all the red lines meet in the middle.  The real Union Jack could have been used to teach children about the different countries that make up the United Kingdom and how they came together.
In short, both linguistically and culturally, these books are a total scandal.  And they are being used in our schools today...



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