Quality wordsmiths

English support does not attempt to compete on price.  The key word for us is quality.  That is where we have the competitive edge.  Our experienced native-speaker consultants can help you say exactly what you want to say, no more and no less.

Without the deep "inside" knowledge that only a native speaker has, it is all too easy to put sentences together that do not work, where the words carry the wrong or conflicting associations, or where the imagery is foreign to the culture addressed.


Quality costs a little extra and the price always depends on the job.  We will give you a price, maybe even a per-word price, after we have seen what the work entails.

A high profile

Quality is good, but if no one knows about it, you go out of business.  So English support also seeks a high profile.  We work hard at becoming well-known in our field and giving potential customers the option of using our top quality, native-speaker services.



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