Hotline service

Do you sometimes find yourself just wishing you had someone you could ask about the right word or phrase for a particular context in English?  Well now you do!
Or perhaps every now and again you have one or two very small changes to make in your website or marketing material?  We can help you with those, at minimal cost!

The English support Hotline service is just what you need!  You ring or write and we drop everything to concentrate on your problem for the time it takes.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well, read on!

Registration and charges

You must register via e-mail before you can receive this service.  (See the Hotline button on the right).  You give us your invoicing details, and we give you a unique code which must be quoted whenever you use the Hotline service. 

English support  will invoice you at the end of each quarter for the time spent.  The charge will be 1.62 euros per minute, with the minimum invoicing amount per quarter being 27 euros. 



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